Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Creative Alternative Marketing By Volkswagen

Companies bombard the marketplace with ads creating clutter. Todays marketplace requires companies to come up with new unique creative ideas in order to attract consumers. So whats a better way then guerrilla marketing, its affordable and if you have the right idea, it can be very effective.

Volkswagen does a fantastic job utilizing guerrilla marketing. Volkswagen thinks of an idea to turn an everyday commute into something a little more fun. To create awareness using non traditional marketing techniques, Volkswagen designed a slide and called it the "fast lane" for people to use in the subway station. The purpose of the slide was to promote the POLO GTI. Alternative marketing techniques are affordable and effective when implemented properly.

Its about being unorthodox and trying something new, and this is really thinking outside the box. You can count on more creative business and marketing techniques like this to become more popular and prevalent as time goes on, for more videos on guerrilla marketing check this out @Mashable

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Dynamics Inc: The End to Credit Card Fraud?

Dynamics Inc has designed a new innovative multi functional credit card, in order to try and prevent credit card fraud.

One of the largest threats in the information age is identity theft and fraud.I am sure everyone could breath a little easier if credit card theft was eliminated entirely. It sounds too good to be true, and it probably is. But Dynamics Inc has designed a new card that is heading in the right direction to help protect identity and our credit cards. This card was created for convenience, and security. The new card has buttons on it, which allows for the person to punch in a personalized identification number in accordance to an account that the person wants to access. If the card is stolen the information strip on the back is blank, and the card is useless unless the person knows the PIN.

This is one idea that could potentially elimante credit card fraud.
Could this be the future of credit cards? Let us know what you think!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Airline pillows really need to be upgraded

Airlines offer elements to add comfort to a flight, right? Let's ignore the fact that we have to pay for them. And a decent sleep is the most desired result for the majority of travellers. But our options are still limited to the old school, no real support, pillow.  

You see, after a long flight over seas to Germany I awoke with the worst neck pain imaginable. This was due to the sad excuse of a pillow that was supplied by the Air Canada Airline. I think that airlines should supply all passengers with those nifty neck pillows for those traveling long distances. This would provide proper neck support which would eliminate that sore and stiff neck and shoulder pain so common among travelers.

A person uncomfortable and pained is much more likely to point out anything else that upsets them, while a person feeling good is less likely to complain about the nitty gritty. 

The airline industry is a very competitive market so small things like this can go a long way!

A new cell phone feature called Bouncin'

Let's talk about cell phones.
You know, when you're driving, or in a meeting, or just doing something that limits you from answering your phone, and maybe you're expecting a call, or hoping for a particular call - and you want to explain why you can't get to the phone but you can't just yet? Sure usually, it's no big deal, they can wait, right?! But sometimes it is a big'ish deal, so...

Why not add a feature, like an ‘out of office reply’ (which we'll call, the bouncer) that says “I’m driving” or “In a meeting” or “Let’s pretend I care” or whatever little explanation or notification you want your phone to automatically respond with (bounce back) so that you don’t have to!

I’m not too savvy regarding mobile technology options and capabilities so maybe this or something even better exists?

For The Summer by Ray Lamontagne

Music is necessary in life. It's not something I add to this big or small world. But I have a few ideas now and then, about how it can be modified or tweaked. Dare I make suggestion to alter an already lovely song?

Ray Lamontagne wrote and sings a song called For The Summer. It’s quite gorgeous in his typical, almost understated way. It’s full of musical expression. I need not say anything, really. But I can imagine a sandy sound to it. Something like a light maraca. The subtle use of maracas would complement the organic texture of this music. The more expressive elements, like the harmonica or the strings, lead the song wonderfully, but I feel the additional sandy rhythm could tie it all together.

You can visit his website for a thorough, and formal introduction, or, you can visit my music blog for my personal introduction of Ray and many others 

Dairy Queen should make ice cream cupcakes! DQ Cupcakes!

I believe the Dairy Queen menu should include mini DQ cakes - like, DQ cupcakes. Their cakes are fabulous but what if I want to buy a piece, just for me, cause it’s hot outside. I can’t. And neither could you, should you want one. So simple, no?
Let's formulate:
product development x food (ice cream + cookie + fudge + icing) = success! 

It's almost hard to believe that this is not available. I just checked the menu to confirm this and it is so.

As a business dealing with ice cream, and cakes, and ice cream cakes – operating during a huge and innovative cupcake craze – how has this not been developed and implemented yet? There is a huge market that isn’t quite aware how much they want this, but they do want this! I would know; I’ve talked to a sample bunch personally. Perhaps it was during a venting session, or perhaps it was a purely, diplomatically presented concern for the ice cream, dessert industry. Yes, that must be it!~

But still, it makes you wonder... Is there an avoidance strategy? Hmmm.....

But let’s get back to the yummy, potential product;
So, there's the gel icing, but not too much - then there's the whipped icing that isn't too sweet - then the vanilla ice cream - then the magical cookie, fudge centre - all resting securely on the chocolate ice cream base. Now imagine that in a cupcake liner. So cute!

Here is a prototype diagram to help you out...