Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Creative Alternative Marketing By Volkswagen

Companies bombard the marketplace with ads creating clutter. Todays marketplace requires companies to come up with new unique creative ideas in order to attract consumers. So whats a better way then guerrilla marketing, its affordable and if you have the right idea, it can be very effective.

Volkswagen does a fantastic job utilizing guerrilla marketing. Volkswagen thinks of an idea to turn an everyday commute into something a little more fun. To create awareness using non traditional marketing techniques, Volkswagen designed a slide and called it the "fast lane" for people to use in the subway station. The purpose of the slide was to promote the POLO GTI. Alternative marketing techniques are affordable and effective when implemented properly.

Its about being unorthodox and trying something new, and this is really thinking outside the box. You can count on more creative business and marketing techniques like this to become more popular and prevalent as time goes on, for more videos on guerrilla marketing check this out @Mashable

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