Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dairy Queen should make ice cream cupcakes! DQ Cupcakes!

I believe the Dairy Queen menu should include mini DQ cakes - like, DQ cupcakes. Their cakes are fabulous but what if I want to buy a piece, just for me, cause it’s hot outside. I can’t. And neither could you, should you want one. So simple, no?
Let's formulate:
product development x food (ice cream + cookie + fudge + icing) = success! 

It's almost hard to believe that this is not available. I just checked the menu to confirm this and it is so.

As a business dealing with ice cream, and cakes, and ice cream cakes – operating during a huge and innovative cupcake craze – how has this not been developed and implemented yet? There is a huge market that isn’t quite aware how much they want this, but they do want this! I would know; I’ve talked to a sample bunch personally. Perhaps it was during a venting session, or perhaps it was a purely, diplomatically presented concern for the ice cream, dessert industry. Yes, that must be it!~

But still, it makes you wonder... Is there an avoidance strategy? Hmmm.....

But let’s get back to the yummy, potential product;
So, there's the gel icing, but not too much - then there's the whipped icing that isn't too sweet - then the vanilla ice cream - then the magical cookie, fudge centre - all resting securely on the chocolate ice cream base. Now imagine that in a cupcake liner. So cute!

Here is a prototype diagram to help you out...


  1. They do have dairy queen cupcakes.

  2. No they don't have them but it is a very good idea that they sure look into!

  3. They have them in Kenosha, WI

  4. They have them in Ashtabula Ohio where I am origanally from. I now live in Killeen Tx and they do not have them in this area.

  5. Dairy Queen does have blizzard cupcakes, I work at Dairy Queen and my store has them.

  6. Dq in meaford Ontario has them now too

  7. The one by my house said they have them, on the window