Sunday, October 3, 2010

For The Summer by Ray Lamontagne

Music is necessary in life. It's not something I add to this big or small world. But I have a few ideas now and then, about how it can be modified or tweaked. Dare I make suggestion to alter an already lovely song?

Ray Lamontagne wrote and sings a song called For The Summer. It’s quite gorgeous in his typical, almost understated way. It’s full of musical expression. I need not say anything, really. But I can imagine a sandy sound to it. Something like a light maraca. The subtle use of maracas would complement the organic texture of this music. The more expressive elements, like the harmonica or the strings, lead the song wonderfully, but I feel the additional sandy rhythm could tie it all together.

You can visit his website for a thorough, and formal introduction, or, you can visit my music blog for my personal introduction of Ray and many others 

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